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The CNN News app allows you to keep up to date with the latest news across the United States and around the world, available on Android phones and tablets. Users are not only privy to the latest news in article and video format, but news as it unfolds by the minute, through breaking news alerts as well as live videos.

With the CNN app, you get access to extensive news coverage from a news source that is widely known and trustworthy. The app gives you access to stories from a range of news areas, including international, national, political, opinion, science and technology news, as well as others. Users can read the latest articles, and also view video clips, including live coverage.

With the app, you may even be able to watch CNN show live from your iOS device, if made available by your cable, satellite or telecommunications provider. Apart from news articles and videos, the app also provides local weather forecasts and photo galleries.

The app comes with a range of useful features that enable you to personalize your experience. News stories and videos you come across can be easily shared with others via your social media account.

The app can also be synced with some wearable Apple devices, so that you can even stay informed of the latest news and top stories from your watch. The CNN news app also sports a familiar and clear layout, which makes it easy to navigate, discover the news and follow stories closely.

CNN is clearly an app that provides a trustworthy and timely source of news for people, whether it's on their phone, tablet or even their Apple watch. To take full advantage of the features the app offers, it asks for your permission to access such features as location, your social media account and network connection, while respecting your privacy.

You can even give the app permission to access your phone calls for the ability to get in touch with CNN to report stories or just to provide general feedback.

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